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Touring Singapore

Next destination – Singapore, and until now, I am yet unsure whether to go or not, so many variables to consider. I was thinking if it is cheaper than Hong Kong where we had our first team building, almost a year had passed, it was last July 3, 2010. Hmmm,or maybe, one of the best solutions is to look for a cheap cabins to stay at 🙂 it’s one things to consider especially nowadays where the entire commodities are getting more expensive due to the pandemonium and global financial crisis around the world. Or might as well, use the Skymiles points I have earned during my US trip 😕 free fare!

I have some friends and classmates now residing in SG, some of them are living with their own family and earning well. Residing in Singapore isn’t easy, you need to have a stable job to survive the high cost of living. Lucky enough, my friends are into that, they have a very well-compensated stable job. Two of my high school friends who are engineers, an ME or Mechanical Engineer and an EE or an Electrical Engineer, living under one roof, with their families sharing the house’s rent and other expenses. They tried their luck through jobs.db and viola, now they enjoy their lives in Singapore.

And so touring and roaming one of the richest countries in Asia is expensive, you need to have an ample or better yet, spilling amount of money to be able to enjoy the country. Some of the spots you might want to visit are the Universal Studios, Sentosa, Marina Bay and Esplanade Square, Singapore Zoo and many more.

universal studiosUniversal Studios Singapore

sentosa and marina esplanade

Marina Bay and Esplanade

Will I be able to visit them and meet Erick, Patrick, Karen and JC, let’s also meet Robin? Yes sure, someday..  Hmmm…. I will!

I actually didn’t have plan of blogging today, I just did to fight the sleepy head I have due to reading Outback Steakhouse case. I am on my fourth page when I stopped. Hay, we still have six cases to do, a Corporate Plan to finish, another case for POM and an Industry Report 🙁 go go fight, six more months and we’re done, our toils will be worth it!

I am now awake, my brain is working again. Go back to reading.

Till then,