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Traumatic Japan Earthquake & Tsunami

The world grieves about what happened to Japan last Friday, March 11, 2011. It was only after 300 years where this Asian country felt a strong 8.9 magnitude earthquake followed by a tormenting tsunami washing out Sendai City. This pandemonium caused thousands of people’s death and wrecked properties. To date – more than 1,400 people were killed and hundreds more are still missing. What to expect, it was a huge devastation, grimly and traumatic. According to the yahoo news, one of the worst-hit areas estimated the toll there alone was more than 10,000, very sad news.

japan earthquake & tsunami - march 11, 2011

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After I watched the news, seen stunning pictures and videos, I dreamed of having a strong earthquake too, this is one of the effects to me, due to the trauma brought by what happened in Japan, it visited me in my dream, thankfully I was alive. I just pray it won’t happen again to all of us.

We have been striken by many natural devastation, we can do nothing but pray. Pray for everyone’s safety. It also happened to us Philippines, when strong typhoon Ondoy hit the country, hundreds of people died, it also happened in China – a strong earthquake hit it, in Haiti another earthquake and thousands of people died, in New Zealand – an earthquake too. What’s stipulated in the bible is happening now. God will save us.

What happened in Japan does not end yet, a very alarming nuclear explosion was reported, everyone is warned about the radiation this will bring. What is radiation anyway? As I did my research, radiation is energy in the process. It is associated with nuclear medicine and the use of nuclear energy like what Xray does. Overexposure to these radiations can alter the DNA by ionizing effect. It can damage tissues, it can cause sunburn, melanoma and different types of cancer. CANCER is deadly. What are the symptoms – nausea, fatigue and vomiting – that is if the radiation is between 50-150. If the exposure is 150-1000, if not immediately treated, a victim may die in 30 days, we do not want this to happen, much as we don’t want to fail our central nervous system, lose control over all our bodily functions and die, because of the radiotion. We all must take extra care now to prevent radiation affect us. How? When rain pours, avoid being wet by the rain. Do you know of some ways to avoid being radiated? Do your share.

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