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This Is What I Want….

When was the last time I went into swimming? Let me think, 2008? I think it was at DJ Resort in Tiong Quezon, a night swimming with my high school friends. A swimming during the coldest month of the year, it was December 28, and as a water and swimmer as I am, I did not mind feeling cold at all, I enjoyed the cold water and swam as much as I wanted. It’s more than two years now, and I haven’t have any group swimming with friends yet 🙁

I don’t want to swim in big waves like tsunami (just kidding), when will I soak my body into the water again? I am thinking, if I do this, perhaps I would look for a cozy Finlake Lodges to stay, and enjoy the time I will have. Been busy lately, got tired of my recent activities, I wanna have my best respite, take a week work leave (that is if I will be permitted to do so – I surmise not 🙁 ) Should I be given a chance to have a week work off, swimming and sleeping are top on my list 😛

 Too many places to go and visit, unfortunately, lesser time to do it. My only wish is to have an ample time to do all the things I want. But it really depends on me, on how I manage my time. As time is the only thing that can never be retrieved back – TIME really is GOLD, so make the most out of your time. Do all the good and valuable things you can. Enjoy every seconds of your life, no matter where you are at.

Till then,