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Can We Survive the Earthquake?

Everyone’s now fretting about what happened in Japan; the earthquake, tsunami, the nuclear plant leakages/explosions, the after shock and all that. These caused thousands of lives into death, million values of properties were devastated. Now, Japan, the most technological country in Asia, faces the most challenges year of their lives, it is as if for some days, some part of Japan became one of the third world country. Incredible fact.


Come to think of it, Japan who is the most technologically advanced country still was not able to cope with the earthquake and tsunami. Many properties, buildings, plant, highways, crops and everything gave up. What more we here in our own country, can we survive should earthquake (hope not 🙁 ) clobber? I am not disparaging the kind of technology we have here in the country, I am not that scornful to say that we have a very low class technology when it comes to building, highway, and house structure, maybe we are just considering the kind of place we have, and assuming we will not be visiting by those daunting natural catastrophe often. Say our homes, are we that one hundred percent sure that ours are earthquake proof? If your answer is a big YES, than lucky you are, otherwise, let us keep on praying that it won’t happen to us. Admit it, some of the building and houses we have are made of Hardwood Floor as we believe it is eye catching and cozy. Indeed, yet we need to make sure that everything is adamant to earthquake and can withstand the earthquake no matter how strong the magnitude is.

We can still survive the earthquake, definitely, know how? by PRAYERs, it is the most powerful tool against all odds I believe.

Again, my prayer goes to all of us around the globe.

Till then,