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Holiday Break – It’s Lenten Season

On April 21 and 22, many devotees will be commemorating Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, celebrating the Lenten Season. It’s a holiday break from work, time to take off and relax a bit. As I wont it, we Filipinos are fond of celebrating Christ death and resurrection, there are many ways though. There are familiar places in my mind wherein you can go and visit during holy week. I have often heard of Mt. Banahaw, this is one. Many people hike and stay there for two days or three, and since it’s mountain there is no room for a good sleeping and dining, so every hikers put up self catering holiday cottages so as to enjoy the meals and share it to everyone. I am not sure if Mt. Banahaw is already open to public, I believe it has been closed for protection.

At the foot of Mt. Banahaw is a place called Kinabuhayan, we’ve been there last year with my two brothers, my tatay, my cousin and my brother’s friends. It was my first time to visit the place. To my amazement, a lot of people were there, like us, devoting their Good Friday in Kinabuhayan, where it believed to be the place where Jusus born again. I have in my mind to visit it again this year, bring extra clothes so when I get wet entering the cave, bathing and soaking in the water, I will have something to put on. Few years ago, we spent our Good Friday at the river nearby.

Consider also the Kamay ni Jesus at Lucban Quezon, I’ve been there once and it’s one of the best place in Quezon province. It has a lot of improvements now from the last time I visited. Saw from my friend’s picture.

Those are some of the places where you can spend your holy week. There may be a lot, but I have not been there yet, hence I am sharing only the places I know.

Till then,