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Look At This Picture

Can you see it now? 😀 Can you guess where this was taken? I think I already have this posted in my blog, just can’t remember what article was it. Here’s how I interpret  this picture which was taken last year, shoot after my office work. I of course can’t see it over our offiice window as it was covered by window blinds, I took this when I was walking at the bridge connection One E-com building and SM Hypermarket in Mall of Asia. The two girls who were walking after me were also amazed of this view, others took photo too.

MOA sunset

I was amazed seeing this view, lucky me, I had my digicam that time and was able to take photo of this beautiful sunset. The sun was about to sleep, take his rest and recuperate from a whole day duty. There’s always a hope at sunset, sunset isn’t always have to be connoted with negative vibe. I believe sunset is an indication that there is always a hope for tomorrow, and there is always a life after the sunset. It gives us security that tomorrow will definitely come, another day to survive, sunset gives us the time to rest, relax and chill. And I guess those are the good sides that we should always remember. Let us always remember, we can survive everything with hope and prayer. With all the chaos happening around us, we can do everything with prayer. Of course we should pray all the time, not only when in need right.

Till then,