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Super Moon!

Finally, my first moon shots! I wish I was in caravan parks to take this vividly.

I was waiting for the supermoon last Thursday night, I saw several postings in facebook that the moon was so beautiful having ring around it. I missed it although I was going down for four times I think to capture the mentioned moon, to no avail, I had no chance.

And fortunately, I saw again that there will be a super moon until March 22, 2011. Saturday night, I will be going home then, but still I wasn’t able to have it. Until SUnday night, while I was watching television, I kept on going outside to see if the moon was already peeking, until came 10pm, I saw the big bright moon, it was my chance.

And here are the shots I’ve got, after several tries without having tripod nor an improvised one, I was holding my breath while I was shooting so as to shun being blurred. This is enough for me, although I know these pictures are not perfect. Just want to share them 🙂

super moon march 21, 2011 10PM

super moon march 21, 2011 10PM

Both of them were taken in a P mode or Programme mode. Will have to review the other settings.

This supermoon will take place until 22nd of March, and for those of you who haven’t taken shots yet, might as well wait and look up into the sky.

Till then,