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Graduation Time, Job Hunting Time!

Few days left and you are about to hold the result of your four or five or ten years toils. You are about to go up in the stage with head up high, shake hands with the school officers and visitors and receive your graduation certificate. Elementary and intermidiate levels are fine, no worries of what the future awaits, you still are under your parents’ guidance 🙂 But for those college graduating students, worry more 🙁 as you will now face the next challenging chapter of your lives, you will now enter the corporate world, earn your own keep, but before that, you will need to job hunt, get tanned for walking miles under the sun, submitting your resume to many companies. However, graduating students are now fortunate because of the technologically-advanced generation, unlike ours, you don’t need to sweat under the sun and get tired of walking, just sit in front of your computer and register in various online job sites. You will easily find many available jobs, accountants, engineers, sales and marketing officers, associates, those office jobs. Aside from these, you can also see and apply to various healthcare jobs, I heard these jobs offer a very competitive compensation especially abroad.

If I were you graduating students, I will start surfing the net, browse jobs and apply online. Early birds catch worms 🙂 Congratulations and goodluck!

Till then,