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It Was Finally Revealed

Two weeks ago, I watched one of the country’s leading showbiz talk shows and saw John Estrada and Priscilla Meirelles being interviewed. It was only then that I learned, they got married. The two lovely couple revealed on The Buzz 🙂 their wedding ceremony was aired a week after that interview, that I did not watch. And by the way, I saw a magazine with the couple’s wedding as the cover, it’s a mag of my roomate, and I will just read what went then in their wedding.

Like any other couple, I am sure they also had their shower parties, and of course, being a model as Priscilla, she for sure held one and sent out bridal shower invitations for her friends, I have never heard of it, just a wild guess from me hehe…

Handsome and beautiful, both are being admired for having those angelic faces, lucky are they for being together, hope they will last for a lifetime and share moments together, in sickness and in health, till death do they part. 🙂

Till then,