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eBay: In a League by Itself

No, I am not publishing the answer of our group in this case study πŸ™‚ oh my, a 36 pages case study πŸ™ and I haven’t finished reading it yet, how can I give my analysis? Hmmm, during my idle time, I will ready case studies that assigned to us by DFA II.

What we know about eBay? Do they have email direct marketingΒ or just an e-commerce and online auctions? I cannot give out my analysis yet, I have yet to finish reading this case. What I know is that eBay sells everything online, that’s it. After my reading, perhaps, I will better understand what eBay does and how lucrative this firm is. Maybe too, I can get effective strategies that I can apply in my online job πŸ™‚ or better yet, with deeper understanding of eBay, someday, I see myself having an online auction πŸ˜€

There have been many existing online auctions nowadays, tipidcity, buyanihan,,, many.more πŸ™‚ and many many more. I wish there would be, my own online auction haha. How I wish, nice name – dhinakatipid, not hindi nakatipid but e di nakatipid πŸ™‚ a miser like me would love this for sure.

Online selling makes it a lot easier to purchase items, you just need to browse and browse, and then select, you might need a credit card or paypal account. Just give your complete address and the item you buy will be delivered right at your doorstep, no sweat!

That’s all for now. Time is running, I need to chase it or the other way around.

Till then,