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The Resident

A suspense/triller movie xoxo, my room mate lent me the DVD copy of it. I was curious how thrilling the movie is since they were kicking and shouting when they watched it. I brought it home and watched on Sunday afternoon. I was not thrilled that much honestly, and was not satisfied with how the movie ended. I was expecting for more heart-pumping scenes, oh it was because I am really used to watching such thriller movies, and there were more thrilling than these.

The Resident
The Resident 2011

The movie was directed by Antii Jokinen starring Hilary Swank as Dr. Juliet Dermer (the tenant), Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Max (the landlord), Christopher Lee as August (Max grandfather), Lee Pace as Jack (Dr. Juliet’s boyfriend), Aunjane Ellis as Sydney, Deborah Martines as Mrs. Portes and Mark Morocco as ER Surgeon. The shooting took place in New York and in Mexico from May 21-July 11, 2009.

The Epitome

The movie is about Dr. Juliet Dermer and Max. Dr. Juliet was forced to leave the house where she used to live with Jack his boyfriend when she found out that Jack was having an affair with other girl. She looked for new apartment to rent, and had found a cheap yet huge one, in Max place. Max was overly obsessed to Dr. Juliet, he did ways to peep Juliet while taking a bath in the bath tub, walking naked and even sleeping. He had a secret doors and ways to get through Juliet’s room. Everything was planned by Max, from calling her for an available apartment, to a party, seducing Julit and all that. Juliet felt something piquant and different, finally decided to install a camera in her room. It was then she found out that Max was the one who was making all those weird and uncanny things in her, too late. Max killed his grandfather, killed Jack, and lastly, was trying to kill Dr. Juliet, the latter defended herself, they were like playing a mouse game, running from here and there. Juliet found something as weapon, I can’t exactly remember what’s that tool was, it brought Max to death. I was thinking, should Juliet use chain nose pliers, will she be able to kill Max? Forget it 😀 And the ending, it just ended there, Max lying in the floor full of blood, was stabbed numerous times by an automatic hammer ahe…

If you’re not fond of watching a suspense/thriller movie, you might be daunted by The Resident. Watch it and see if you will.

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