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Tour of the Web

Who would have thought that the birth of the internet will lead to creation of many social networking sites. I do not exactly know when this was born. And because I wanted to somehow have at least a wee idea about internet and since I gained much using it through blogging, I searched on and found out that a year after my birth, internet arose. It was when internet protocol suite was standardized and the concept of internet was introduced. It already existed during the 19th century, developed in 80’s and on mid-1990’s the internet had a very drastic impact on culture and commerce, it was also when the electronic mail or e-mail had arisen. E-mail which is tool of communication among many companies including ours, we also use it personally. And so the invasion became more intense. There came many websites, blogs, social networking sites and many more. I could not imagine how huge is the space in the web, trillion GB, huh no idea. Search on the net through many search engines and many sites will show, try mine, you search Dhina Lieva and you’ll find countless sites containing that name, sometimes misspelled but still contains my name 😀

Web Design is one of the main concerns of many people like bloggers, businessmen, students who want to play, they wanted to look their websites as appealing and as eye-catching as possible. Other people sometimes hire the service of a web developer just to get a very satisfying web design that will at the same time attract viewers and readers. That’s one of the secrets to get your visitors to get back to your sites. Still, simplicity is beauty, it still applies.

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