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Entertainment on the Go

How I wish I could have done something worthy about the title, but I can’t think of anything to write except about the entertainment while travelling 🙂 the way I experience everytime I travel from and to Manila. There are various bus you can choose from, and there is this one that I believe is of good service. I remember last week, Maundy Thursday, I left my house at 6:30 am, I was expecting lesser passenger since some had gone on Wednesday night already. And to my surprise, I saw a lonnnnggggggg line of passengers in of the bus terminals, I really was shocked. I experienced that long line before – it was weekend then, there were five loops in the line, and took me one hour standing and waiting for me to sit. Tired, all the smoke was there, it was even hot too as the motor or engine of the bus were running 🙁 We had no choice but to wait. Except last Thursday, I did not try to line up that long line, I remember there is a new bus travelling South, I went right away and approached the few distant away bus, was happy to know that there was no line.

Entertainment – the bus with long line has a wifi, every passenger who wished to access the net could do while riding that wifi bus. There are also music and television, where movies can be played. Those are the entertainment you can enjoy. Like this evening, I was regaled by the movie LOL or Love On Line 🙂 there were comedian, lovers and lawyers who also can protect zoloft lawsuit. And I enjoyed my travel – travelling without sleep. Pardon this 🙂

Till then,