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Summer Time

I can feel the heat of the summer! I can’t get sound sleep during the day because of a hot weather that almost reached 40 degrees celsius. Just so you know, last April 26, the recorded temperature was 36.xx or 37 degrees celsius, enough to wake you up every now and then. Why am I sleeping the entire day? Because I am working night time for this week starting on April 25 until tonight, fortunately, working gy or graveyard time doesn’t cause me dark circles under eyes or even eye bags, I am blessed not having them 🙂 just a pair of big round eyes haha 😀 I cannot imagine myself should I be getting eye bags and think how to get rid of dark circles under eyes during my gy shift, it definitely will make me uglier, imagine, big round eyes with eye bags, huhu.. :((

Anyway, summer, this is the start alas, but it doesn’t feel good, it makes us perspire a lot, gives us uncomfortable feeling especially if we often stay outdoor. On the other hand, this is the best time to swamp in the water and soak yourself for a long time, enjoying the heat of the sun in the ocean, beach, beach, you’re not a bitch 8) let’s look at the brighter side of everything, not the negative ones, so everything will turn positively too, especially you. Let’s enjoy the summer, let’s have ice cream and halo halo to make us feel cooler. I’m loving them!

Till then,