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How I Spent My Holy Week

I may say this is one of my favorite seasons of the year – the Lenten Season or Holy Week. I get to enjoy four days of vacation thinking and doing nothing but only relaxation. That’s how I spent this year’s lenten season, I had it cheap and practical. I enjoyed reunion with my high school batchmates on Maundy Thursday, get together with de Guzman family (inay’s siblings) at Lagnas river on Good Friday, whole day rest on Saturday and reunion with Lieva clan at the same river too. Those were just cheap as I spent no more than Php500.00 8)

You might think where did I get the money on my high school reunion – well, a kind-hearted batchmates of ours shared and sent an ample amount to help us in the reunion’s expenses, the money was used to pay our cottage, oh I reaaly love seasons like this and any country cottage holidays. Thank you once again batchmate!

If you are planning for a grandous holy week vacation, might as well start saving as early as June, so when the next year comes, you have plenty of pennies to spend on, enough for the stipend to spend on your entire vacation, you can choose from famous like Boracay, Palawan, anywhere you want, just save though!

Now, be ready for next season 😀

Till then,