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Royal Wedding

The wedding of the year, the most talk about royal wedding of Prince William – son of the late Princess Diana with Kate Middleton, an ordinary lass. The big day of the two is very controversial that it almost eats time airing in the television in almost the entire local and international channels.

william and kate royal wedding 2011

 I am not really amused by this, but I often hear them talk about this, thus made me decide to write a wee something about them, made me wonder likewise if Kate Middleton had some hgh pills in preparation for this most awaited big day for her to look more stunning and fit. But I think she doesn’t need it though, with her inate beauty, no need to take it.

With the royal wedding this 29th of April, I am sure all the eyes focus on them, watch every bits and pieces of the wedding ceremony, document it and etch in the history. Remarkable!

Good morning peeps 🙂

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