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Saving Friendster Memories

Now that friendster will reformat its program, I decided to save photos from this site into my pc and post it in facebook – its rival 🙂 . I don’t have copies of some of them, especially those year 2007 until 2009, memories of my Nikkoshi and Advantek days, and moments with my college and high school friends.

I rarely visited my friendster account like I used to do last 2006, you know the reason perhaps. I once became addicted to it, personalizing your profile, designing it the way you wanted and making the rockyou video using your friendster photos. I admit, I also spent time friendstering – for no reason.I was once hooked with it, so thank you friendster for giving us space on your disk, taking on our photos and testimonials. Thank you too because from you, I created my first blog, that turns into I Just Opine and The Epitome of Me. You served us well though. May you be as lucrative as you have projected, may you be as marketable and continously be competitive. We are all looking forward what will happen after May 31, 2011.

Till then,