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Something to Ponder…

I love visiting music.pinoysites.org, here i can listen to my favorite radio station while at work – 97.9 Home Radio, good thing we are not restricted to listen to music while working, unlike in my previous company wherein noise and music are not allowed (Japanese Company).

So what’s something to ponder here? Jackie-the only person who speaks in the station once in a while once told “Other people wait to make things happen, so why not try something to make it happen!!”

So true, we are just fond of planning and making conjectures about certain things, thinking what ways are the best to achieve them, but that’s all, until there, planning and thinking, we tend to forget the best part which is executing those plans into actions. Make things happen, don’t wait for it to happen.. We are the ones responsible to our successes. Don’t like be “Juan Tamad” who just waited for the guava in a tree to fall into his mouth. We might as well should pick it up, reach it high. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the most euphoric feelings when you reap what you sow in a way that you had your best in it.

Make things happen…

I just opine..