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Summer is Everywhere with Havaianas!

When I heard the price of Havaianas way back it was first introduced and made known to the market, I told myself I will never ever get one, a price not practical for a slipper, and all went the reciprocal. I bought a white one, and finally experienced why people kept on buying Havaianas. Yes it’s status symbol, and I didn’t know why I bought one – it’s summer, that was what I knew. And summer is everywhere with Havaianas.

If you haven’t gotten one, or if you’re feeling dubious having one, well. think no more, it’s one time worthy investment, it lasts for long, you can say that Havaianas is only not for Summer but also any weather of the year!

Btw, hope I receive free Havaianas flip flop 🙂 that will be soooo fun!!

Till next Havaianas adventure!