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Someday I’ll Have It

One of my biggest dreams is to build my own house, a mansion 😀 , yeah true, it’s one of my longest dreams, and I hope someday with me being toilsome and diligent, I will be able to build one for my own family. A place where we all can stay, relax and bond. As a side dish, I would also be looking at an insurance w elsewhere, an insurance for my future home.

Set aside that first, my dream which is now a reality, of studying an MBA is soon to end, I only have one term left, that is June until September of this year. Hay at last, finally, I wasn’t wrong taking it, starting my post graduate degree last February 2011, and it’s almost 1.5 years before I finish it, but the effort is worth it. Mind you, it’s not easy, especially when the three subjects require you 10 cases to be presented weekly (I’m attending Saturday session,  8 am to 6:30pm) a corporate plan and Industry Report.  The term I have now is one of the toughest terms, whew really, can’t breathe, hope we all can make it, only 2 meetings and we’re done.Good luck classmates!

Till then,