The Power of Speaking and Connection..

This is actually a repost of my post relative to La Virginia Resort. We were very thankful to Ms. Joy who was the one who invited us to come over the resort. She is a former officemate of ms. che and bheng in Toyoink. After spending our night at the resort, we visited Ms. Joy’s house afterwards located in Airbase Lipa City Batangas, just a wee talk and hi hello between ms. che and her, breakfast was served, actually a snack was served.

As the title goes, the power of speaking and connection, i said this because ms. joy has these talents. Talents as in she has the ability to speak to whoever people she meets and uses this and everyone as her connection to make things and business easier. She has lots of lucrative business venturing with, and thanks to her that once in her life we became her visitors and that we got to witness her office, though small, i could say, it’s amazing. And thanks also that we decided to go there, because we were given mirror, and this is one of my dreams to buy, and now that i was given one, no more worry to spend 1.5k..

All of us are born with natural way of speaking and mingling with people, all we have to do is to develop and hone it to the best. I think, just sitting alone and doing nothing will never help us to be a good speaker and conversationalist. I consider myself as a reserved individual, but i know that i have the ability to speak and to use my conversation skill in a proper way. Just don’t know why some are entertained by wrong way of speaking like gossiping and hearsays….might as well think first before uttering any words.

Till then..