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Greet Your Mom on Mother’s Day with SUPERMOM Toblerone!

Kraft Philippines has just introduced their seasonal Toblerone SUPERMOM, perfect for this year’s Mother’s day. This occasionally Supermom Toblerone is available in the market, while supply lasts.

Supermom Toblerone

I attended the awarding of Kraft Love Notes winner last May 06 (i’ll have additional post about it), winner was awarded by Rico Blanco and was done at the Kusinang Kraft at Kraft PI in Paranaque. And as a perk, I received a 400gm Supermom Toblerone, I had it signed by Rico Blanco “To Inay Azon ~ Rico Blanco” this will be my gift for my mother on her special day. I love you Inay, thank you for nurturing the four of us and giving us your unconditional love. We love you so much! <3<3<3

Supermom Toblerone

Till then,