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The Culprit

It’s weird that we lost a lot of important things in our room, my roommate’s sandals, slipper, dresses, colognes, lotion, medicine kit, accessories and worst, her ACER netbook. I too had lost some, first was my black cardigan, next was the terranova pink cardigan, followed by my Smart Broadband kit with Sun sim card, and then my 2GB Transcend USB lastly my 4GB Imation USB which I received from globe after earning 600 points for a  long time, then someone will just get it from me tirelessly X( what if I have my xbox hard drive too, I think the culprit will get it too, fortunately, I have nothing.

We felt paranoid with what happened, there are always missing, lost, and we were clueless. Until finally, we saw it and there is now a clue. We felt sad, afraid of what will happen next. It’s a proof that we should not easily trust somebody,this case is a proof. Sad to say, even your siblings can take something you own, without you knowing it.

I hope we will be able to surpass this, that there will be nothing to lose again, that the conscience and karma will visit this person, to realize that what this person does is against the law, most of all, against the law of God. For us the victim, take care of all the belongings.

Till then,