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She Doesn’t…

It’s been three months since the netbook of my roommate had stolen, and it’s been a year since our personal belongings were gone, and it’s been four days since we’ve found our things in a very familiar place in our room. To our dismay, we did not expect to see those things that belong to us, things that were gotten from us. We’re confused, what are we going to do to stop losing our things to stop the culprit from taking our personal things – things that are not expensive yet how come that those are still being stolen?

I wish clearing one’s conscience is just easy as all natural colon cleanse, that saying sorry and promising not to do it again will be heard. Yet how? Ah karma – it’s the worst that can happen to a bad person who do something against his fellow people, so good luck for the karma that will happen 🙂

Till then,