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Dance to the Beat of the Summer..

my goodies - niphco xmas party 2005
my goodies - niphco xmas party 2005

Say goodbye to the summer – here comes storm Chedeng to start wet season, hopefully not. Sorry, I am not supposed to write something about nature and storm and chaos and pandemonium and all, I had an idea to share something about dancing I want to say that I miss dancing 🙁 I haven’t done it again yet and I want to move my body to the beat of dance music. Try “On the Floor” by Jennifer Lopez, hehe, I remember last night when I was in the ladies’ rest room, someone was playing the song “On the Floor” and I heard she told her colleague she wanted to exercise and dance and she did. I envied her. Hoping I can get back to the music and dance and I don’t think I have less capability compare before, my energy doesn’t abate yet, I don’t need pre workout supplements for my young age. I can still dance to the fast music gracefully. I miss stage, I miss crowd. I miss to dance.

Mean Girls at niphco xmas party

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