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Something to Look Forward to

Everybody dance now (dance) lalalala.. 😀

Busy days…Tiring days….Few days left and it’s the day that we both are looking forward to. Short plan yet meaningful and we managed to have an ample time to prepare anything we need. We hope and pray everything will be okay and smooth on the day we are waiting for, a day where the two will unite as one and vow that both  will stay as one forever, blessed by the Almighty God, guided by our beloved parents. Finally, goodbye singlehood.

I always blog something about my friends’s big day, and now the time has come that it’s my turn to blog about my own big day, and it is something to look forward to. Our big day may not be as grandiloquent as others, it’s just a simple yet meaningful, memorable, romantic and fun and most of all, expect tears to fall :'( – I expect to be such 🙂

See u all on June 11, 2011 – my big day, our big day… a promise that we will always be right there for each other.

Till then,