Education MBA

Back to School Again

Vacation is over, so much for a two months rest, so much for some boring days, go back to busy school days. Exams, recitation, school projects, school activities, cases, plans and etc, name them and do them, you have no choice but  follow what the professor asks you, otherwise, get a failing grade. I surmise you don’t want to get lot of wrinkles with that and think of drug detox center program right? Before that happens, do what is asked you to do.

We are on our final term now, my batch-mates who became my friends, the last term that we’re waiting for, waiting to end on September, yahoo!At last…. But after that, a more tedious and stressful months to come, that’s for written comprehensive exams, written exams for case study and the oral defense, if we will be able to pass all that, we will be marching on April 2012. We all would love to march and thus we want to have good grades and pass all the exams and oral defense. Study harder and pray… Good luck classmates!

Till then,