Something Happened with Aras Coins

One unforgettable part of our wedding last June 11, 2011 was when I lost my consciousness for 8 seconds because I suffocated and can’t breathe. There was no electric fan in front of us, thus made me fainted with my eyes wide – opened according to my mother. wedding ceremonyA blooper for me yet no one who were holding cameras captured it as it was really fast, just this one – an after event picture :D.

Though just quick, according to my husband, I pulled down the clothe in my front where we kneeled – the heart where our wedding rings were placed, the bouquet and the aras coins, the latter according to my mother scattered on the ground. Some suspicious people around linked it to what might happen in our married life, they told my mother that our married life will be a mess. What a prediction – just because of our aras coins, we will be having a bad luck? Fortunately, we  do not believe with some supertitions, as we believe that it won’t do any good to anyone’s life.

I am not done yet detailing our big day. I need a free time to tell how we met, and why they often tell that our love life is really a “DESTINY”.

Till then,