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Who Wants an Apple iPod?

iPod or iPad? It’s the former.. At first I wanted to have an iPod, I love music and wanted to keep playing while I am at a relaxing mode. Fortunate me that I was able to get one for free, yes it’s free! Free from Sunsilk – it was the prize I’ve got for winning a blog contest sponsored by Sunsilk Co-creations. It was last year. Just browse within my blog and you will surely be able to see my winning post. I love what Sunsilk gave me an Apple iPod with complete Ipod accessories. I thought this new gadget of mine will get old early as I will be utilizing it more often, but the reverse of it, I did not even listen to it more than ten times to think it’s a year older to me. My iPod stays at home, nobody is using it. And when I decided to give it  to someone as a gift, upon checking, I found out that it is not functioning anymore 🙁 Too bad, need some repair. It doesn’t turn on when I tried to. Plugging it to pc, it functions, but just listening to the pc and not from the iPod. I regret that I did not use it often nor give it early to someone. It looks new still , it even doesn’t have any scratches. How much is iPod shuffle in the market now? Perhaps it costs more than 5k? sniff sniff…. my iPod is gone.

Lesson learned – if you already opened any gadgets or appliances, use it often, optherwise, it will not function well.

Till then,