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What’s In?

At last, I am back to blogging. I have been busy with my new life as a wife, spending time with my loving husband that I need to sacrifice my blogging. I must admit, the quality of my work was affected when he came – the reverse, instead of me being inspired when he’s here 🙂 well, I really did not log into my account and write, I just am spending my time with him after my work. Now, I stole a time to go back into blogging, I went out of the office almost 1am because of an emergency meeting, and it is also the reason why I had this post that late.

I never knew what’s happening around, the current events, fashions, news, entertainment. This is the reality, you are capable of forgetting everything for your family.

So what’s in now? As I observed, many Filipinos especially youngsters are wearing big eyeglasses, style? fashion? where do they imitate it? It’s common to bump youngsters wearing different kinds of eyewear, persol sunglasses to name one. I noticed too that some was imitated from Korean – a result of Korean novelas adopted by the country. I am not influenced yet and not going to be influenced, even watching those. Is that in today?

I Just Opine

Another day to take tomorrow, another busy school day to spend, I am actually in lassitude to go to school yet, but I have no choice, I have to. I only have this term and then I am done, ready for the comprehensive examination and case analysis, that is if I have my review. Hopefully we can all have the zest to endure going to school every Saturday from eight in the morning until six thirty in the afternoon.. Yeah we can 😀

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