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A Healthier Me

I had enjoyed days, weeks and months with my husband, spent lot of times with him while he’s on his vacation – a supposed to be forty days off from work became two months, not bad – we being together for two months made our relationship even stronger, made us realize that life indeed is worth living happily.

In a span of two months traveling from and to Manila and Pasay and vice-versa did not make me lighter, contrary to this, I gained weight. It is because I had my complete meal which I am not used to. I enjoyed having breakfast, lunch and dinner with my husband – he is more of a wife than me 🙂 prepares my coffee and sandwich baon every morning,  cooked for our lunch and dinner if not her sister. And I become healthier now, though not that much, yet still thinking of taking some safe diet pills. However, from this point onward, I would rather say no first to this, I have very important prayer that I would like to be given to us, hope this be granted.

A healthier me is no hindrance for me as compared to others, I am not as big and healthier as the Biggest Loser contender – far far far away from them. For now, I’ll see whether I lose or gain from this day onwards.

Till then,