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Sam Pinto – The 2011 FHM No. 1 Sexiest

Two posts prior to this, I made an article about the 2011 FHM recognition of 100 sexiest women (in the world). It’s amazing to see how many people wanted to witness sexy girls upstage, I even read some that the night was burlesque, photos vouched that indeed it was. And on Saturday during our second subject in PLM, I saw a magazine of 2011 FHM 100 Sexiests, browsed some of the pages, and my eyes lasted on the photo of the no.1 in the list – Sam Pinto.


I was shocked when I first heard that she made it to the top – with her follows Marianne Rivera and Angel Locsin. I first saw her at PBB when she was inside Kuya’s house or popularly known as Pinoy Big Brother. She did not make it as Kuya’s no. 1 but she made it to the world as no.1 sexiest. She entered big brother’s house as a slim and pretty lass, a body shape that will never ever need diet pill that works fast, she doesn’t need it! And she becomes sexier now! I haven’t seen her lately in tv, because I rarely watch 😀 it is why I had a shock in me when I heard she is this year’s no.1 in FHM sexiest. Sam – you just need to maintain it to be more popular 🙂 Congratulations and good luck!

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