Daily Living

Beware of the Theft

Yesterday as I was taking the stairways to our room, I heard a familiar voice talking loudly to someone, the familiar voice was telling a story about what happened to them on early Monday. I eavesdropped, I heard from her that a pregnant woman went into their room and stole their important things, cellphone, bags etc. It was 6:30 in the morning, the door next to ours, was left open when the boarder was taking her bath, unfortunately, the burglar came in with the rest of the sleeping roomates unnoticed her. Our main gate in the ground floor has lock, we have our own keys for it. What the burglar did was, she came in with other boarder with a key, unfortunately, after taking all the things from second floor, the door was already locked, and she couldn’t go out, rueful for her. She was caught by the barangay officials. Too bad for her.

Something happened inside our room that is relative to this, but much scary and sad because the theft is our roommate, she’s been doing this for many times, we found our things to her. And we learned that she’s been doing this to her roomate since she was in college, someone told us. She made us feel foolish, we were talking to her about the things we lost, she sometimes reactes sometimes not, aha, and she stole them! We sometimes got paranoid, the lab coat of my roomate was missing, we thought someone stole it, ehe just misplaced. Terrible people like her, worth not the friendship of anyone. Hope she can read this, and may the karma be with you.

Till then,