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Savings or Housing Loan

One of the things a newly-wed couple has in plan is a home to live with, whether it be small or big, a mansion or bungalow or whatever type they want, so long as there is a structure where they can start their own family. A practical idea nowadays is to have a home first before getting married, meaning, the couple has to invest first before settling, that is if they are very sure that they will be the two married couple until the end, otherwise, a big problem.

One of the house financing is through obtaining a loan, but with this, how does a title loan work? Not any bank will approve your loan application unless you present important documents that will serve as the collateral, a land title is one example. It may be easy to obtain especially when you have those important documents on hand, but mind the interest, it may not be practical. Your 2Mphp loaned payable in 30 years for example will become 3Mphp, I think this is too much. And why not consider saving your own keeps, work hard and build a simple house, I think its’s better.

Whatever ways you want, the important is, you couple is building a long lasting relationship, Christ-centered family within a home. Trust and love should always be there.

Till then,