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I Enjoy Unlimited Messaging

It’s more than just subscribing to any of the leading networks unlimited texting, I can say sending messages up to million times as long as you wanted anytime of the day. You will not be charged for millions. You can text your friends and loved ones abroad not amounting to Php15 or Php20, sending messages to them is almost free!

And yes, I am almost sending my husband free messages through BBM or Blackberry Messenger and I enjoy it more than anything else. When I send messages to my husband, letter D would appear meaning my messages have been delivered and when letter R appears, it means my messages have been read, no worries and wondering whether your messages have been sent or not. That’s the best thing with BBM. BBMIt’s practical for me to use BBM, I am here in the Philippines and he is in Dubai, for a regular SMS it would cost me Php15 to send him a 190 character message, but with BBM, unlimited, so I enjoy unlimited messaging 🙂

It’s more expensive to activate blackberry application when you are here in the Philippines, but you will not need any micrometers though, micrometers are use to obtain a precise measurement, and it’s in no way can be used to activate BB apps. As for me, I subscribed to globe’s blackberry unlimited social for Php300 a month, this includes ym or yahoo messenger, facebook, twitter and BBM, you’re online 24/7. The latter need not to install, it’s automatically activated when you have the right to use BBapps, not like ym, fb and twitter, you need to manually install them to enjoy unlimited social networking.

If your friends have blackberry and you have too, I suggest you to use BBM instead of SMS, it’s unlimited!

Till then,