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The Untold Love Story

Every woman dreams of having a partner in life, a partner not just to lean on in times of burden but a partner that will share the rest of  his life with the woman no matter what happens, in sickness or in health, in poorness or in wealth. Perhaps you could surmise now what I am trying to speak for, you got it! I am speaking for a partner – a husband.  I believe we are all created by God with planned partner – He planned who will our partner be in future. And I don’t believe in searching for your someone, I believe more in waiting than searching. It happened to me, I just prayed, believed, sat, and he found me, oh yes, he is the one who found me. 🙂 This is a tell all untold story.

I think it’s time for me to share my own story in my own blog, I have featured the wedding of my three friends here and I believe now that my turn had happened, it’s worth to be featured too. I’ve been single for 29 years, single means no boyfriend, all I did was praying that someday, at His right time, the right guy will be sent by Him. I trusted Him that much, I kept on praying and asked for a guy that would court me, be my boyfriend and be my husband, and He did not fail me, He heard my prayer, indeed at His time. The time that I knew I have fulfilled my aims for my family, He gave me my husband, my Jay David, my first and last boyfriend and my husband.

How the love story begun:

On a Sunday afternoon, I was browsing the updates on facebook, it was May 30, 2010 and already hooked up to that social networking site as if it is a newspaper that I need to get updated for. As I was reading my friend’s updates, I received a friend invite from a guy I did not know of, I saw we have one mutual friend, Marivic Colarina, luckily, she’s online, I chatted her first and asked who this guy was, a guy named Jay David who resembles one of my schoolmates because of his nice eyes. Those eyes caught me, I loved his smiling eyes. My friend Marivic said positive things to me, made me decide to accept the friend request, and right after I accepted, he chatted me, “Hi po, kumusta po?” And the story begins.

I begun to enjoy conversing with him in facebook chat, until we decided to exchange numbers. On jUne 1, I received a message all the way from Dubai at 8am , “Good morning po, kumusta tulog? Ako okay lang, prepare na din pagpasok.” From facebook, to text, to ym, to call finally between our hearts. I felt sad everytime he did not send me text messages, I felt bad when he did not chat me, until I found that the reason behind those, I was beginning to fall in love with him, weeeee, a single lady now in love. He called me bhe – I asked him why, sabi nya, yun daw kasi tawag nya sa mga kaibigan nya, I replied, hindi ba ang bhe is tawagan ng mga lovers? But he insisted me calling me that way. And after just ten days June 11, 2010, when he told me “I love you”, I replied, “I love you too.” cheezzzyyy 🙂 It all happens with a chat in ym with a webcam. I undoubtedly accepted his love despite the fact that I did not ever meet him nor know him personally. My mother even daunted that I might get hurt with this relationship, baka daw he’s married and has kids. But my heart believed that my mother’s worries were all falsity. Furthermore, his sister sent me facebook message confirming and asking if it’s true that I am his brother’s girlfriend. That message made me feel that I was not wrong loving my Jay David.

The long distance relationship lasts until and counting, communicating through the internet. He also proposed online ^_^, I replied online too. But of course, before I do so, I thought of it for several months, I looked deeply within me if I am ready to get married, I am still studying and I wanted to finish my masteral before I get married, but this thoughts vanished when he again asked and proposed the second time, he got my YES, just can’t remember when that was.

But before that, her sister and four nieces came in Mall of Asia to visit and meet me, that was last December 29, 2010, a day full of fun and getting to know each other. The same way, on February 4, 2011, I went in Mexico Pampanga to visit his family with my close friend Anna Salonga. Again, it made my feelings for him to get stronger and stronger each day. And on May 11, 2011 he arrived in the Philippines from Dubai – our first meeting in the airport with his family. He went with me in Tiaong Quezon on May 14 and on May 15, his family went over to do the traditional pamamanhikan, just for formality although everything was settled. I was very happy then, I knew he felt the same way too.

God gave me a man in an unexpected time, a man that I will forever love and be the father of our kids to be. Would you believe that we got married on our boyfriend-girlfriend anniversary, June 11, 2011, it wasn’t planned, it’s just that God’s timing is perfect! In a matter of one month, we got everything ready and settled, I was on my school vacation too that it did not hamper my schooling, really God’s perfect time!

Just to share, here are some of the photos of our simple and traditional wedding blessed in Blessed Virgin Mary Queen of the World Parish in Lusacan Tiaong, Quezon.

traditional filipino wedding

traditional filipino wedding(jay david and dhina lieva)

Catherine Loria sings wedding songsCatherine Loria the 2008 WCOPA grand champion sings our favorite wedding songs. Thanks much Cath!

traditional filipino wedding(jay david and dhina lieva)

traditional filipino wedding(jay david and dhina lieva)

Some laughed, some scorned, some was happy that I finally found my one and only. And so there we are in front of Him to exchange vows and I Do’s. A day that we can never forget, a day that we became one and promised to be forever – RIGHT THERE, to build a family of our own, to be God’s co-creator.

Today, we may not be physically together, but we are emotionally and heartily binded as one forever.

I truly thank God for giving me a man to love and marry, a man to live my life with forever and a man that I will share everything with. Thank you Lord for giving me Jay David.

I believe that our love story is unique and incredible 🙂 , presence isn’t that important to be loved, what matters most is the heart between the two of you assuring the long lasting love. Long distance relationship on the other hand is possible, you should just believe it will work. Trust, love and understanding should prevail along the way.

And may I add, I was asking God that to give me the right man to marry at the age of 29 or 30, I always included it in my prayer, and again God did not fail me. Thank you God for blessing and hearing my prayers. You are so good enough.

Till then,