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At last, sun peeps in the sky, shines brightly and makes us feel warm. Gone are the days and weeks of wet, floods strong wind and typhoons. Many shed their lives and this is the very sad part during this season, just hope there will be no one to shed lives again. But we can’t shun these acts of God from coming, what we can do is join hand and hand and pray. Enough for calamities, we’re fortunate we don’t have vast devastation unlike in Haiti, Japan, China and etc. Enough for that!

Politics, what’s the latest. There’s an on-going audit by COA to many of the government agencies in the Philippines. Some incredible amounts were used to purchase coffee and energy drink, those amounting more than billions of pesos by PAGCOR. Hmmmm, who were in-charged for the cash advances during those times? There are hearings done nowadays, and let us see who will pay, who will suffer and who will be evicted.

Next in the hot seat, the 2004 election fraud, this has long way to go, to discover who really is the mastermind. The supposed to be President had already died, and he will not be able to witness the due process that will lead sinners to whereever they should be, in cold bars? Or where?

Honesty is the best policy. Don’t use someone for the actions that you know will not benefit you nor the entire people. It begins in oneself, let us all be honest, we may not always be rewarded or paid for being honest, but we are confident, we are proud that we have a clean conscience, that’s the expensive reward that we may receive, not only that, we are making ourselves good not only in the eyes of many but more importantly in the eyes of God.

Till then,