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Nike and Kobe

I am not fond of watching basketball game, I only have remembered few names from that, James Yap – just so because he became famous not only due to playing excellent basketball but because he was a husband of Kris Aquino. And I quiet remember few names. Unlike my high school friends who really were getting sleepless just to watched the PBA league before, they even fought as they wanted their bets team to win. Exception was me. I’d rather be at the nook, silent and write on my notebook than join them yelling with basketball game.

Kobe Bryant in manilaAnd I am now required to post something about this game. So I thought of writing the recent event of Nike wherein Kobe Bryant – a very well known NBA basketball player came here in the Philippines for his fans first and foremost. If you are thinking I saw him personally, no I did not, I just watched it on television, heard it everywhere and so here it is. I also once loggged in my twitter account and read that Bianca Gonzales once became the host of the event. As I said, I do not know him that much, all I know is he is a very well known basketball player and every player like him looks up and admires him. Hmmm, since basketball requires an excellent energy and strength and some body support, does Kobe also use a knee support for basketball or he doesn’t even have one? Might as well inform me 🙂

Wishing to have the interest to watch this game often.

Till then,