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What’s the Best Sportswear

Beauty pageant is one of the common events celebrated in town. Mr. and Ms. LNHS, Ms. Tiaong, Ms. Quezon and so on. A woman like me enjoys watching beauty pageant as oppose to watching basketball as I have mentioned in my earlier blog post. But sometimes, my schedule does not permit me to personally watch those events and so what I often do is go over the facebook and watch the pictures taken. And as I watched pictures, I observed that the best and common sportswear contestants don is the equestrian clothing. Why? because it’s sexy and you can just grab this anywhere, it’s readily available inside your closet unlike others which you will still need to buy somewhere. Grab a cord, wear a hat, don your booties and you’re good to ramp. Just sway your artistic way as if you are one of the best equestrian player. I just wish I can perform it too 😀

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