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Professors at PLM

I feel inspired when someone leaves me a comment regarding my MBA at PLM posts. I didn’t know that in my own little way, I will be able to help them decide where to enrol. I think I have here less than ten posts, telling our story about MBA life in PLM and why I chose this school. And now, it’s barely a month left and our toil is at hand. We are in our last term now, September 17, 2011 is our last day.

With a year and half life studying and enjoying my MBA, moments with my classmates doing research and case studies and all, I can say, it was hard but at the same time enjoyable. Patience is needed as well as perseverance. It’s like going back to school normally – like in high school and elementary. The big difference is that, you are going to report in front of your classmate and professor and there is no lots of quizzes, very rare among my professors who give quiz, those are Mr. Apodaca and Dr. Garcia – name dropped!

Speaking of professors, it ekes to our difficulty when we are having a tough, strict and terror professor, on the other hand, it benefits us though. Take my word, don’t feel daunted with the following, you will be forced to learn a lot with them, Dr. Esmero, Dr. Garcia, Mr. Apodaca, Professor Ang – hmmm who else, I think they’re all that, the effective professors we’ve gone through. Mr. dela Cruz and whew I forgot his name – Mr. ___, and Dr. Pagaduan, they’re so-so, and lastly, Mr. diBautista and Prof. Trinidad, well, no comment 🙂

I am planning to take the WCE this year following the OCE and wishing to pass them all and be a certified MBA. My long year dream is now a reality. Vouched that, “dream your dreams then do your best, never stop and never rest until those dreams are yours.” And I still have many dreams to fulfill, I have the faith that I can do them all, with God’s blessing.

Till then,