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We’re Counting

Time wanes so fast and you even can’t notice it sometimes. You’ll just see your kids are now a grown up and later on, you will be accompanying and sending them to school. You’re reaching your dottage which cannot be avoided, all of us will experience it, all of us will get old, a proof of the experiences we have had here on Earth.

Similarly, we are counting, yesterday August 11, 2011 marked our 2nd month as a married couple and one year and 2 months as bf-gf. It’s a very special day for us, I was thinking of giving him persoanlized gifts for boys but haha, he’s not a boy anymore, he’s a man I love forever. So instead of giving him that, I give my quality time with him uttering sweet words that we can never forget. We only have 2 months and we’ve far to go, we will be experiencing a lot more struggles and trials, happiness and sadness, especially now that we’re apart. But He is so good that He gives us a precious gift, and few months left, this gift will be witnessing the wonders of life. I love them both much, they’re my life together with my family.

This is what I realized being with the man you love, you have to endure everything, sacrifice, trust, widen your understanding and patience and most of all, love him with all of your heart. Accept everything including his flaws, and they do the same with us women. Love your man and love your woman, accept everything within him and her, for sure, everything will fall into place, no worries, no quarrels – peace and love remain.

I might be thinking of something else, personalized soon. Hmmm, it’s more likeable when you give someone something that is personalized, it’s the thought that counts anyway so don’t mind the price. There’s nothing like a gift that says “You’re one of a kind”.

If you have something to add, leave it here, if you have advice to convey, feel free to do so. You are most welcome.

Til lthen,