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This I Promise You…

One of the most important and euphoric moments that happened in my entire life was the day we vowed, tied a knot and promised to live our lives together as a married couple. A day too of our anniversary, I will never get tired of reiterating  and sharing this to my readers, especially those who are like me who felt alone the entire 29 years of their lives, remained singles never had a boyfriend since birth. I told you, I was once. I even have one post entitled, Single at 27, but with God’s prayer I have my first, one and only.

On the day we exchanged I Do’s, wearing rings on each other like  what makemypromisering.com explains, was one of the tingling part of the event. Trivia, the etymology of the ring goes back to the prehistoric Germanic era with the usage of khrenggaz – meaning circle. A circle as we all know means infinity, a never ending bond that cannot be broken, and so thus giving and wearing ring means to promise ones love, loyalty, purity and friend ship. That is how important ring is in our lives. No matter how it costs.

Now, we came to the point that we need to prepare for another ladder, we need to make ourselves ready for parenthood, yes – I am now 7 weeks pregnant, another blessing and gift from Him. We were very happy that finally, one of our purposes to Him has been served. We are very excited for our baby, can’t wait to see him or her and hug.

positive pregnancy resultThis is the PT result a day after my delayed period, I was dubious if this is positive, but my officemates told me that it is. If it is negative, you can’t see the T line, it isn’t visible as this one, as in only one line is visible. So happy.. Thank you so much….

Till then,