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I Just Opine is Turning 3

It’s now part of my life, writing, ranting and blogging anything about everything. It’s part of my daily routine. But of course, sometimes I ran out of ideas to share. But still, I am inspired to create posts, for the sake of sharing and most of all, earning ūüôā

This month marks the third anniversary of my blog I Just Opine, but just the same, my blog is not similar to those who held contests and give aways as a thank you to their readers. I think I need to socialize more in order for me to do that. But I know we can survive without doing it. Meron pa ding mangilan ngilan na dumadalaw sa blog natin and read, the priceless gift I could ever receive from blogging. Yet I am not closing my door, hopefully, I will learn how to extend my thanks to you readers by giving away things. 

It’s now 3, and last night,¬†I was surprised of my earnings I¬†did not know it was that big, and I did not notice where it goes, what I¬†knew was that, I spent my blog earnings¬†in¬†important¬†matters especially my masteral. ¬†

Blogging isn’t about your writing skills, for me, blogging is writing in your own style, expression of your own thoughts and opinions in your own unique style. You don’t have to be a grammar wizzard or you don’t need a masscom and journalism degree just to blog – it’s inate, you can feel if you have the power and urge to write. So if you have the gut, blog! Don’t wait to get cyber space to get crowded, be the first to reside on it, don’t be the last!

Till then,