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It’s Harvest Time

I was once addicted playing farmville when I found nothing to do while logged in facebook. It was fun sowing and after few hours reaping what I sowed. That is the bad side of it, you have to keep online to look after your farm otherwise, they’ll get wither. If you already have so many points, you can avail of many farm tools like toro mowers to name one, and to make your sowing and reaping easier and less time consuming. And it felt good when you see your farmville as nice as it can be. If only the farmville can be a real farm, if only it’s that easy to sow and harvest, if it’s that easy to acquire properties and tools, everyone will surely love farming. But I am not playing it anymore, no other games in facebook got my interest. I just love blogging more than playing, so I often blog and blog even this balderdash 😀

But oh, in our province, most of the people residing are farmer, they have wide farm which they harvest on season, most common are eggplant, squash, ampalaya, sitaw, sili and many more. And the long live plant – coconut. We wish to have a real farmville too. It’s a decent and nice job that could eke your income. Hopefully soon.

Till then,