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Incredulous Philip Morris Case…. :(

Oh well, sometimes, being the last group is considered to be fortunate yet sometimes not. Like in our case, we are the Group 6, the last group in Management Consultancy subject, and we got the longest case analysis 🙁 50 pages 🙁 Since it was assigned beforehand, we should be feeling okay analyzing it, we should have been reading it the time Prof Ang handed the case to us, though, it is hard for us to find time to read in advance this case as there are weekly cases that should be answered 🙁 aside from the work, and I hardly find enough time to concentrate on this. I actually haven’t finished reading this yet, I still have 13 pages to go. Nevertheless, I now have the thought and understood how this case study goes.

Philip Morris International Case AnalysisOf course, we all know that PMI’s main product is tobacco, cigarette. And Marloboro is one of the leading brand, not only in the US but worldwide. The Philippines has Fortune and Champion to accommodate the country’s local taste as well as the affordability.

I notice there are no cigarette advertisement nowadays, what I can recall before is a man riding a horse – the Marlboro commercial, in the end of the ad says “Smoking is dangerous to your health” that was the start of anti-cigarette campaign and then advertisement totally vanished. Rocky Patel, can this be used to have less nicotine when smoking? Maybe this is a good alternative too PMI can consider, especially nowadays that we too here in the Philippines is banning the smoking in public area. As per the latest news, one man has been paid by a cigarette company for a presentation of TRO, see how frustrated and desperate cigarette companies are today. If smokers will stop smoking, then tobacco industry will definitely die. This is one of the problemes faced by PMI, since this company is a leading cigarette company and has been the number one in market share, if smoker stops smoking, they can do nothing but find another alternative, divest from tobacco and find something lucrative instead, so as not to dissolve the company. That’s my thought only, we never know what will happen in the future. I may not be the President and CEO of the company to say this, but hey, I am one of the individuals who don’t smoke 🙂 I Just Opine….

Till then,