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Company Benefits

Don’t just say yes and accept any job offer without first knowing the benefits a company offers. Yes you should be thankful you have a monthly salary for your daily stipend, but be more thankful if you have lots of additional benefits. These benefits are important – list them down or bear them in your mind; meal allowance or rice allowance – some companies offer meal and rice allowance, literally rice – a sack of rice monthly, quarterly or semi-annually depending on the budget of the company; telephone or cellphone allowance – it may be cash or prepaid but normally they include it in your salary 🙂 just like ours; transportation allowance – it may be a shuttle service or in form of cash; performance-based incentive depending on the company’s policy and finally, insurance – life and health insurance, the human resources department is tasked to select what life insurance types are to be approved, there are many. For us, we just got renewed our healthcard or medical insurance including our dependents – I forgot to say, some companies offer free amortization for dependents, some others are just half – the employee and employer share the amortization. I am fortunate that I enjoy these benefits, my dependents do too. In case of emergency, these insurance are important, you’re out of cash, no worries, you have your insurance.

I just have one wish – I wish that our medical insurance provider be changed 🙂 it’s not satisfying than other insurance company. In totality, I thank all the companies I’ve worked for before and now, as I enjoyed the benefits they offer. Thank you and more power!

Till then,