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Extreme Adventures in the Philippines

If you are looking for extreme adventure look not so far, you don’t need to stretch your neck and get tired of looking or searching where to experience extreme adventure. We have lots here in the Philippines, zipline to name one. But there’s one adventure that I’ve almost experienced, the skywalk in Cebu City – specifically at the top of Crown Regency Hotel and Tower. My team-mates did. I found the certificate handed to them, and being a non-joiner, I just took a picture of the folder holding the certificate. See them below.

skywalk and sky adventure in Cebu Regency Hotel

sky extreme zipline

You can actually have these extreme adventures while you’re on vacation at Cebu. They offer the Skywalk, Tower Zip, Sky Lift, Paramount WallClimb and the 4D experience, I just do not know if they also have the atv where they use Polaris Ranger Accessories, might as well do additional research πŸ™‚

Live the experience, Love the adventure! that’s they’re positioning strategy (and I learned something from my MBA πŸ˜€ ) Sky Extreme Adventure – the first in the Philippines, and you can have them in Cebu City! I love to experience these extremes!

Till then,