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Flowers in Our Wedding

Two months and one week has lapsed after our wedding, but I can still remember the entire happening during the special occasion of our lives, I am sure it can never be forgotten as this is etched in my heart and mind.  A memory that we will share and tell to our kids and grandkids, a story that will hopefully be as inspiring as it is.

One preparation I want to share is  about the flower to be used in the reception and in the ceremony, we thought of hiring a service provider to design and do the entire flower arrangements in the reception and in the church including my bouquet and my brides’ maids flowers. But then, as a budget-conscious as we were, instead of having a service provider, we had our relatives do the entire flower arrangement. From flower selection to the design and everything, it went perfect! No charge for flower delivery too, what a relief! Thank you so much for the help cousin and Tita! You made my wedding even more beautiful.

wedding bouquet

Mine was made by pure white roses, I prefer it as in pure and clean.

You don’t have to vex about how to prepare or how have a good and beautiful flower arrangement in any occasion, just play with your mind, discover your artistry and creativity and everything else will follow. Flower by the way will make you feel relaxed no matter what type they are, and it’s one of the most loved subject in a photoshoot – I cannot remember how many flowers I had in my practice picture-taking. I surmise you also love flowers don’t you?

Till then,