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Skywalk Experience in Cebu City and Sky Coaster in Lagoon Park City

This year, I failed to join our team in the Cebu team building because of my condition. They already had my flight booked, that was when I did not know that I am pregnant, until two or three weeks prior to the event, my OB advised me not to risk my baby due to the planned activities in our team building. So I decided not to go.

And on August 13 the slated flight to Cebu at 12noon at Manila Domestic Airport happened, it was a bit delayed according to one of my team-mates. Then they safely arrived at their destination – the first day of the team activities. The highlight actually of this team building was the Skywalk in Regency Hotel, I have yet to ask photo from them (and here is the photo of our team) to share to you guys. sky walk at regency hotelA Skywalk, as I’ve seen on the certificate handed to each of them, is a tall metal buildings whereon top of it is a platform use to skywalk. I did not experience this and will never dare should I join them, well, according to LS, pregnant women are not allowed to do the skywalk. But I believe it was a fun and at the same time thrilling experience for them, but forme, no other thrilling experience could ever replace our Sky Coaster experience as of now, the 70 feet giant swing in Lagoon  Park Utah. Below are the photos, proof of the dying experience in Skycoaster, my throat dried as I yelled when we were swayed here and there. You could have died inexpensively if the safety strings tears apart – luckily, it was built with safety and that tested for years. I have never heard somebody flewn away and died right after. If you were to visit Utah, I suggest you to try this, and all other thrilling coaster rides, heart-stopping.

Photobuckethere is the structure, the two posts that look like a slingshot was where we were lifted up high and thrown at the arc structure

Sky Coaster Experience - July 2009

And there we are – waiting our turn, then lifting us high, throwing us that high and far, awesome experience!

Till then,