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Dive of My Life

What’s the title? My scalp is itching arrrggghhh. Stop stop please.

Let’s get serious. I am not active shooting with my cheap digital GE X5 camera. I checked it yesterday and the handle was having a white something because of being kept for almost 2 months. I doubt if I can use it again, the GE Enthusiasts group is not active lately, the members are active having and shooting individually, practicing and honing their craft, that I can’t do anymore. I wish I could.

There was a photography contest that happened lately in the company I am working, and one of the finalists that I want the most is the Dive of My Life – a dive of a man wearing red short, blue shirt and diving goggles to protect his eyes, a nice dive! Should we be given a chance to vote, I’ll give this photo a perfect points. Nice angle and color coordination, I wish I am as good as the man who took this photo. (Photo to post later, still asking permission from the photographer – hope he permits me) Hmmm… thanks! I got permission, I don’t know the story behind this picture all I knew is that this was during the Fixed Asset’s team building 🙂

Dive of My Life by Marvin Laroco
Dive of My Life by Marvin Laroco

That’s why Dive of My Life 🙂 photo speaks.

Till then,